Grace, History, Wendy Davis (no relation) and the Roberts Court

Please do not hate homosexual people because they wish to be married. Loneliness is the toughest thing out there.

Please do not dislike women who terminate pregnancies. Childbirth and parenting are fearsome under the best of circumstances. Joan and I raised our own four, along with all the friends who helped us, and we still struggled more than once.

Grace insists on love for each human being. I am not going to trot out “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” for this simple reason; humans given the option to hate anyone who is not like us often forget the love part.

At least, I do and you decide for yourself.

Frankly speaking however,  this has been a tough week for Conservatives in American culture. If you claim you saw it all coming, the Democrat victory in the Texas legislature and the DOMA reversal in the Roberts court, I want to go to Vegas with you, today. You are on a predictive hot streak we should not waste on mere politics.

So, where is our nation going? America, including Texas, is on a forty year arc lurching hard to the left of center. This is hard to dispute, even in the days of the John Roberts US Supreme Court.  Five votes may not be a landslide but on all the important cultural matters to come before the Supremes in the Roberts tenure, the reliable Liberals have been able to swing at least one (usually) reliable Conservative or Moderate to join with them, tipping the balance of the Court and its gigantic ripples proceed outward into American culture.

In point of fact, simply reporting, Wendy Davis has been more effective for her segment of the voting public than John Roberts.


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