Grace, Joan and Otis

Yes, I am writing a lot on the subject of grace. I plan to put up 365 posts from the time I started mentioning grace again prominently, or an average of one each day for a year. This will save those of my readers and other speculators an easy way to find out what I think about grace. Some have recently come to my site, read three posts, interpreted them in unintended ways and asked  me where is the grace? I will show you if you care to read 365 posts but I am already one behind, so there you are. Grace is not the law but fulfills it, so I will have to double up posts one day.


Today, Joan and I have been married for 39 consecutive years. It seems impossible. We have grandchildren numbers 6 and 7 on the way this autumn. We are thrilled. We head out this week for a brief “road trip” to celebrate 39 murder free years of marriage.

No, I am not easy to live with or near.



And, Otis will be the fictional conduit through which I pour my teachings on grace. Please know that Otis is not real but he did exist. He is every red-blooded, red-necked happy dude who ever ordered a chicken fried steak with cream gravy. He know the Truth and the Truth has set him free. Love the Otis and you love yourself.

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