Grace Makes a Home

I got up early this morning, watched the rain awhile, made Joan a lunch to take with her and the watched the rain some more.

After dressing, I drive the 5.7 miles to my new new home Starbucks.

Upon entering, one of the baristas said, “Pastor Rick, I saw you pull up. Your order is on your usual table. It’s on us this morning. You brighten up our day.”

Grace makes a home. I sat with Dr. GW, my PHd pal, who has been in our home a number of times and is in our heart now. A dozen people greeted me in one way or another while I sat drinking my free coffee and eating my roll.

I am home.My family is here and other educated, intelligent, interesting people. No one has yet told me, “Well, we are just too simple minded to talk with you.” I am home.

This is a good and happy thing. There will be hardships along the way, to be sure, but grace makes a home.

I am more than content.

1 thought on “Grace Makes a Home”

  1. Isaiah 40:31
    Philippians 4:7
    Psalms 27:14

    Remember the paraphrase of our Youth?

    Because the Lord is my shepherd,
    I have everything that I need.
    He lets me rest in meadows green
    and leads me beside the quiet stream;
    He keeps on giving life to me
    and helps me to do what honors him the most.
    Even when walking thru the dark valley of death, valley of death,
    I will never be afraid, for He is close to beside me,
    guarding, guiding all the way,
    He spreads a feast before me in the presence of my enemies
    He welcomes me as his special guest
    with blessings overflowing,
    his goodness and unfailing kindness
    shall be with me all of my life,
    and afterwards I will live with him,
    I will live with Him, forever in his home, forever in his home.

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