Grace: Marvelous, Infinite, Matchless-The Proverbs of Otis

Each day I think I will just relate the scholarship on the writings of Otis. Each day I spend most of my  space and time just passing on the history of Otis himself. I do want it understood Otis was an actual, living, historical being. He walked this earth as you and I walk this earth. He experienced hunger, danger, privation, loss, joy, serenity and contentment.

Otis was a real man. He was a Texan of the highest order. He held the soil of Texas as sacrosanct. He spoke fluent Texan as a man of his day but he also ordered off the menu at Tex-Mex cafes. We know this from history.

Otis loved enchiladas.

He did not care for refried beans. He did not drink alcohol himself but he generously brought various liquors to festivals if invited.

Otis accepted all people. He loved most.

Otis lived a long life. He died in the fullness of time.

I am convinced that he lived. Since he lived, I am certain that he died.

Otis talked mostly about grace. His primary “doctrine” was grace. He said that grace opened doors but humans still had to accept the open doors and go through them. Otis’ doctrine was teleological. Grace opened a closed door, man walked through the open door but man could not then turn and walk back through the door to go outside and expect the benefits of the house just because he once walked through the door.

Marvelous, infinite matchless grace was what Otis loved. He savored a grace that would exceed one’s own sin and guilt. He believed in sin, as a sinner himself. His conversion in the Rescue at the Bend in the Narrow Road demonstrated to him his need of grace but he also pointed out for the rest of his life that he, Otis, had to accept the gracious rescue and not return to the vomit in the road that marked his nadir.

Otis was “grateful for grace” as he always said. He did not feel, however, that he could show his gratitude for grace by repeated trips to the Narrow Bend. Reportedly, he scoffed at those who thought they had to go there each year, or even once.

The Grace Otis Experienced was a forward moving grace. This is what he “preached.”

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