Gracious Grace: The Proverbs of Otis

The Proverbs of the Prophet Otis

Chapter One

1 Watch yer back. 2 Guard yer front. 3. Never slide in sideways. 4 Life is like a cow patty; soft and mushy in the beginning, hard when it gets stuck in the end.

Chapter Two

1 Listen, Bubba, to what yer Ma says, if’n yer blessed enough to have a Ma. She will always love ya the best and even if’n she’s wrong, she’s right, jest out’n good intentions. 2. Yer Dad, too, so long as he does not give hisself up to too much drink. Yer Ma will quit her drinkin’ and smokin’ while she carries you and never go back to it after. Yer Dad may not let go of nothin’ but Dad loves ya too. 3 Grace is the means  by which God contravenes the sinful adversary and so directs the sinner to gates of gold. 4. Grace is indeed unmerited favor but that is not insufficient identification. Since the nature of God is love, service, other-centeredness and utter self-giving, grace would naturally correspond to the essential goodness of God, without which Man is without hope.

Editor’s Note-I have chosen this passage to illustrate how much of Otis’ writings may have been edited by later amanuensis for their own purposes. The earthy Texas-speak of Otis suddenly gives way to a more learned speech without an iterative break.

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