Happy New Year

The Mayans, the alien space ship in France and the Chinese Ark builders notwithstanding, we made it through 2012. I know it is hard to believe but we are still here.

Our plunge down the fiscal cliff lasted to the last minute but, finally, under the pressure of time, our elected representatives saw their way fit to raise taxes on all of us to cover their inability to agree on how to fix their spending problem.

Thank goodness for our political representatives. If not for them, the Dallas Cowboys would be our only real example of Institutional Mediocrity.

We must not lose our sense of humor. Granted, we must keep it somewhat hidden, lest our Elected Representatives find a way to tax that, as well.

Is it any wonder people find imaginative ways to describe how all of this just has to come to an end, now and forever? Too much change.

We have to think in terms of America being the second economy and the world’s Biggest Debtor (translation: First Beggar). In my life time many conversations would begin with the phrase, “We are the richest nation on earth, we should be able to make a decent hamburger…”

Now, conversations begin with “We are the richest nation on earth, we should be able to make a better egg roll…”

Once we walked on the moon. The next people there will probably wok on the  moon.


Malls instead of meadows. Thinking in trillions of debt, not billions. More of us out of work are underneath a mountain of personal debt (“We sold our soul to the company sto-o-o-re…).

Muffled sobbing.

Eat your blacked-eyed legumes and cabbage. We will need all the help we can get.

Happy New Year.

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