Haven of Rest: Nolen and Rachael Yancey

The sister ministry most closely allied with Chains of Grace is the reentry ministry of Nolen and Rachael Yancey. They call their ministry Haven of Rest.

Nolen and Rachael are the two most authentic Christians I have met in the last twenty years. They are the hardest workers I know. We support their ministry in every way we can.

Rachael has a story we all need to hear. Born in Texas, raised in the metroplex, Rachael entered the world of drugs and alcohol abuse as a preteen girl. She married a succession of men, had children and continued to abuse drugs and alcohol. By her own admission, Rachael was a meth addict for 21 years.

Arrested and finally imprisoned, Rachael met the Lord Jesus Christ during her prison stay. Unlike so many others, men and women, she did not forget the Lord after she was released.

Today, Rachael and her husband Nolen take men straight out of prison The Yancey’s help their residents stay safe and straight. They help them retrieve documents, find them jobs and point the way to the Christ. We will not know until we get to Heaven how many lives they have saved, or how many souls they have pointed to Jesus.

Tomorrow, Friday, May 10, you can hear more of Rachael’s testimony over at www.chainsofgrace.org. Go to our website. At the top of the home page you will see the Reentry Podcast. Click on the podcast and go down to the newest episode and take the twenty minutes it takes to hear Rachael’s testimony.

Let me tell you these things about Rachael:

  1. She has a genius level IQ
  2. She knows more about reentry ministry than any ten people I know
  3. She can see through a lie quicker than anyone else, which is sadly necessary in working with felons
  4. She is completely fearless
  5. She is selfless and steadfast

In short, Rachael Yancey is a hero of the reentry movement. Hear her story tomorrow at www.chainsofgrace.org.

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