Healthy Ministers Make Healthy Churches

   Ok, get ready for this one.

   I have no interest in yet another committee designed to tell my church how to minister to the convention or the association. If you were relevant, you would not need to tell me so.

   The ministerial guild I propose is an Idea. It is an Idea that suggests a healthy minister would help a church be healthy, or healthier.

   However, I am not interested in a program designed to minister to this or that church in this or that category. I am very interested in ministry to ministers (senior pastors or other staff) and their families. There are low-cost, high-service ways to do this ministry.

   Healthy ministers might make healthier churches. Regardless, we ought to be looking for ways to help make healthier ministers. Word is getting out and most of it is positive. I know this is true because of the calls I get. I also know it is true because of the denominational persons and their sycophants who are using this as an opportunity to make renewed personal attacks on me. Frankly, I have heard it before. I have no fear left. Bring it on.


5 thoughts on “Healthy Ministers Make Healthy Churches”

  1. Ok, who are these folks who are renewing their attacks? These groups are supposed to be “for” the church rather than “for” themselves.
    Do all that is in your heart to do – I am with you heart and soul.
    Peace to you Davis.

  2. David Troublefield

    I guess I missed this: what is “health,” “healthy,” “healthier”?
    All local churches are expected by God to be on-mission with Him in His endeavors to redeem the world in the time He has allotted for it. An organizationally-healthy congregation is able to go on-mission with God most quickly; a church unhealthy organizationally is not so able. Healthy churches are not to consume their health upon themselves, but to use that health accomplishing the Great Commission. Health is gained by churches as members serve each other via their spiritual gifts. Similar statements can be made about individual believers.
    Is this what is meant?

  3. I just like the statement if you were relevant you would not be trying to convince me of it. I think health in our churches is simple look to the fruit. Healthy churches have healthy ministries not huge financial reserves not huge numbers. Healthiest churches are helping any and all like minded ministries, regardless of denominational ties they are on point with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The idea you are floating Rick is base line or leaders must be healthy enough to lead. There is strength in numbers and brother our numbers are good. Now let’s count only the ones with us and be what we are headed to be the naysayers will be there – they always are. There are those that need what you are talking about and our churches, the Bodies of Christ, need them.

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