Here at aintsobad, some suggestions

   Perhaps Monday, if not before, here at aintsobad, perhaps a few suggestions for the Free Church. The Anglicans are running home to Rome, so many others are dying; still the faith grows over all the earth.

   There is a great chance here for the Free Church to mount up with wings like eagles again.

3 thoughts on “Here at aintsobad, some suggestions”

  1. What is the “Free Church” in relation to “the faith” that is growing all over the earth?
    Just wondered how you are using it here.

  2. Friend K Gray,
    Free Church in contrast to Roman Universalism, or the historic schismatic branch protruding from it Protestantism.
    The Faith spreading over the world is Primitive Christianity, so powerful, focused and acceptable, mostly without the trappings of wealth but perhaps as much laden with superstition.

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