Let me explain about heroes, as they are the champions of the piece, even of the tragedy. I mentioned this in my previous post. We are sadly short of heroes currently, though sadly saddled with ample tragedy.

   The thing about heroes is their consistency. While all else roils about them the hero holds to his course. He may have to plug his ears and lash himself to the mast to resist the Siren-Song but he will sacrifice senses and liberty, if need be, to hold to his mission. The end thereof may be his own martyrdom. No matter, for he has self-sacrifice as his center.

   The thing about heroes is their ability to elevate others. Washington molded his own stellar character, then lifted others with his glacial dignity. His underlings climbed higher than they might without his example. He did not need to hold others down to shine brightly himself.

   The thing about heroes is this; they hold their heroic stance without seeming to know they are heroes. Self-effacement is not exactly the right expression. It is more a fact of their inner determination to succeed brightly for a noble cause. Attention will naturally settle on the hero but it is not his motive.

    The thing about heroes is they almost always seem to be out of step. No, a hero can march with the pack but he is never quite in step with the masses. He sees what others miss, hears what others cannot sense.

   The thing about a hero is his ability to overcome difficulties, even those he creates for himself. He is not prone to weariness in well doing. He is a revolutionary in the purest sense of the word.

   The thing about heroes is paradoxical; e.g., he may inspire exasperation, questioning, even dissimilitude but no sane person ever doubts his sincerity or commitment to his cause.

   He is not just the fellow who grabs the banner and runs with it to the crest of the hill. When the hero runs to the top of the hill, he knows where he is going as he steps over the crest. Shot and shell may stop him in his tracks, but not usually. He is protected for his mission to its end.



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