How America’s BFFs Abolished Slavery

The Best Founding Fathers (BFFs) ever laid down the means to abolish slavery in the United States Constitution. Then, the BFFs (no, not going to spell it out for you each time) gave enormous personal and institutional support to the one civil force certain to bring down the institution of slavery.

To wit, the Christian Church in the United States of America.

American Christianity eventually destroyed African-American slavery in the United States of America.

Please note, slavery had to be destroyed from the consumer’s end, in the same way the scourge of illegal drugs cannot be ended by spraying some fields near Cali, or the Human Sex Trafficking in our day can be stopped by closing a few ports in China or Eastern Europe. So long as there is a market and so long as that market is flush with cash, someone will Walter White and someone else will find a way to bring the defenseless here to prey upon them.

The various evils of our day remind us the great evils of any age must be cleansed from the consumer end. Close the Market, the Production end will change, well, products. Our BFFs closed the Market by means of American Christianity.

A politician might say it this way. That is, “A shift in the base of power shifts policy,” William Lee Miller. Arguing About Slavery, (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1996), p, 49.

So I will not be accused of being too scattered by dear folks who refuse, but cannot refute, my presuppositional statement, let me be (sharply) pointed. When the BFFs included in the First Amendment of the American Constitution the Right to Freedom of Religion and, with various other allusions, shone their light on the Christian faith, they most certainly set in motion the effective means to erode the power of the Slave Market.

Therefore, American Christianity was the most important influence in American abolitionism.

American Christianity could be very helpful in fighting against racism to this day, except for one thing. American Christianity does not matter anymore, sadly.

I say this is sad because the destructive elements of socialism or communism or Islamic fundamentalism will surely not be helpful to assuage the racist tendencies in the human heart. Socialism/Communism has never, does not now, and will not ever, claim to be a cleansing force. Socialism/Communism, with their traveling partner, anarchy, exist to bring about class warfare.

History, real history, not the fictional absurdity of the 1619 movement, shows Americans their need for muscular, powerful, loving Christianity. Sadly, we just don’t have much of it anymore.

I know, I know; various Slave Marketeers back in the middle period of American slavery , which only lasted from 1787 to 1865 and only in some portions of the new nation and only in limited parts of the population in those years and in those places, used the Christian faith elaborately to defend the “embrutishment” of human beings. This proved to be a great part of the “trap” set by the BFFs , for this forced the Slavers to argue from a basis certain to prove their rationale untenable. Real Christianity, the actual faith, could never be effective in arguing for the embellishment of slavery, no matter how you (mis)read a few verses from Paul. Our BFFs, by insisting on religious freedom and enhancing American Christianity, ultimately gave the production end of the slave market a weapon sharp on the edge used against them, but dull when the slavers reversed it.

Ok, I mean if you have to use American style Christianity to defend institutional evils like slavery, you are using a sword designed to cut one way; against you.

And, yes, I know there were irreligious persons in American Middle history who opposed slavery. Please let me state abolition was so spiritual in nature it made a Christian out of many of its non-Christian advocates.

No? Emancipation and the pain it took to get there converted our least religious and most intellectual President to Christianity.

Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was so opposed to religion in general and Christianity in particular that he:

Never joined a church, any church.

Produced an anti-religion pamphlet so viciously anti-Christian his political advisors burned every copy of the pamphlet and destroyed the press on which it was pressed, for fear it would destroy Lincoln’s political career

Swayed back and forth on what he wanted to do about slavery until the Civil War and events in the Civil War enabled him to to offer Emancipation to some slaves in some places, until he could do more.

In his final great speech, the Second Inaugural Address, preached a Christian sermon so achingly beautiful other homilies pale by camparision.

American Abolitionism was so Christian it converted our least religious, most intellectual President.

Simply put, when the American Constitution privatized religion, with Christianity being its primary entity, they doomed human servitude within the borders or the United States of America. Wherever religion is a state dependent institution, it must be removed completely, or neutered from any spiritual power in order to render its common influence impotent. Where religion is privatized (and is itself civilized) it cannot help but bring about the greater good, first, and then the greatest good.

Or, more sharply put, Christianity, for instance, can long endure without its physical boundaries (church walls). The Church, however, (walls and all), does not survive long without real Christianity.

The presence of real Christianity, inclusive of the Walled Church, doomed the Slave Market. Some will condemn the slow pace of emancipation but, do we not really see, the gradualism was gradualism for less than a century, after which it became an immediate force?

I think so, anyway.

I mourn the passing of American Christianity. What we have today, secularized religion, naturally gives way to the other secularized religion, Socialism, which will finally end in the Great Destruction.

What shall we do about all this mess? Another Seattle? More looters?

This may be a Long, Hot Summer.

Let me tell you how we might help our poor, bleeding country.