How To Handle the Fake News: What is and what is to come

I probably should not put this up on Thursday afternoon. If anyone is going to read this you will have to do a pretty good job of helping me tell the world about it. We are, then, a team.

Fake news, since it is fake, cannot be news and must be a lie. The New York Times recently changed a headline in one of its editions because it was thought to be too neutral toward President Trump and was condemned by all of the Socialist candidates for President, along with their followers. If the Times has so lost its moral compass as to allow its editorial policy to be determined from outside, we question why we ought to believe any part of its words as true.

Well, I still like the crossword.

The Fake News attacks against our nation perpetrated by our fellow citizens is every bit as troubling as what the Russians might collude with the Iranians to do against our elections. We have to pay very close attention; be wise and harmless, so that our hearts are not marred by this hatred.

Christians learned long ago to listen to our enemies. The words of those who reject our Lord and hate our way of life inform us more than any sycophant. In fact, a great part of our devotional experience, along with prayer, devotions, fellowship and discipline ought to include our rapt attention to the stance of unbelievers.

A fellow who rejects our Christ with fervent sincerity tells us how we ought to strengthen ourselves against False News. Jesus, the Christ, has been defamed as a heretic, a loser, a criminal, a liar and even a rube from so far out of town no one should take him seriously. Jesus and our Savior’s cause have suffered from legions of False Accusers for centuries. When we study the Word and pray to our God, we ought to take to the Word and to our God the things said against our Savior, in order to learn better how to answer the unbeliever sternly, but with compassion.

For instance, some of what we say may be incomprehensible to the unbeliever. When we insist Jesus is King and Lord, we may miss contact with those, like our Socialist party, who want only for all to be comrades, and as alike as is possible. We might more carefully persuade them if we report what we believe: Jesus is our spiritual salvation and, as such, is also our moral and ethical guide in all things. To answer our deluded countrymen so does not lessen the reverent majesty we ascribe to the Trinity, but it may make what we do and say more comprehensible for those whose chief desire is to import a historically failed political/economic system to our nation.

We should be able to see through the False News. We can penetrate their outer defenses if we see the places where they just want us to go back to rather recent internationalist history. We understand the willingness to go back to something that once sounded good. We do need to show them how far back they should go, with us, and how much good might come if we all just tell the Truth.

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