How To Win the Debate and Lose the Election: See Biden, Joe

 He smirked, he squirmed, he satirized. Get by the visuals of a grey headed older gentleman (I am too old to be age-ist) pitted against a  P90X workout enthusiast and you still might have some issues with the performance of Mr. Joe Biden.

From his assertions about the Libyan outrage (“We were not told more security was needed…”) to his assertions on the economy (“it is better and getting better by the day), Mr. Biden decided before the first question to go on the attack. Attack he did, though his Smirky Grandpa Smurf attack choices may have hurt the Democratic effort more than help.

In a classic attempt to “double up to catch up” Mr. Biden may have doubled down on sarcasm without the attendant chips to make the pot grow larger. Mr. Obama left so many markers last week, Mr. Biden could not possibly cover them all.

If the question of this election is, “Who will better manage the economy through the coming major changes about to be forced on it by previous legislatures?” then neither party has made a convincing argument. As one of my church fellows says, repeatedly, “We are doomed. No matter who wins, we are doomed.”

He may be more of a Jeremiah than he knows. Pre-set ends of enormous tax cuts, defense spending cuts, et al, mean major changes even if Congress does nothing next year. And Congress is very, very good at doing nothing these days.

Perhaps the better question is, “Which party will do a better job of working with the other to craft a sustainable recovery to the national economy, without sending the super-rich fleeing overseas, rendering America defenseless before it foes and attempting to balance the economic check book on those least able to fund the folly of the Bush-era two wars with a massive tax cut folly?

So, let’s have a debate on that one. So far, we know Mr. Obama is tired, Mr. Romney is a good closer, Mr. Ryan works out and Mr. Biden can snap. None of this will change the world for the better.

Stop rolling the dice, guys. Betting the future on your personalities is not going to settle accounts.



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