Hud Hartson, Place six, Midlothian City Council

The runoff election for Midlothian City Council, Place Six, begins on Monday, November 23, 2020. The man who won the most votes by far in the primary race for that spot is Hud Hartson. Hud Hartson won 46% of the vote, while his nearest competitor got around 26% of the vote. Two other candidates ran at 14% and 11%.

This election is vital for Midlothian, now and in the future. More and more people and businesses are coming to our town. Students want to attend our great public schools. Lots of people wish to enjoy recreation in our improving parks. Our churches continue to grow and serve.

We are not silly enough to want to defund the police or fire departments in our town. In fact, we want to defend the First Responders who want to defend us.

Midlothian is primed for even greater growth.

All this takes money. Good money managers are required to make sure resources go where they may best be used.

Hud Hartson is the common sense conservative who will prioritize the use of tax dollars. Our First Responders will have all they need to protect our citizenry. The Midlothian standard of living will continue to rise for all who want to live, study, work and practice civility in Midlothian. Texas.

Please join me on November 23, the first day of early voting. Early voting runs from November 23-25 and then November 30-December 2, all from 8am to 5pm on those days.

Early voting can also be done on December 3-4 from 7am to 7pm. On election day, December 8, polls will be open from 7am to 7pm. Remember if you are in line when the polls close you will still be allowed to vote.

I plan to vote on Day One in the morning. There may be some line standing but I will wait it out to vote for Hud Hartson.

Please join me in voting for this great young man.

Hud Hartson, Place Six, Midlothian City Council.

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