I am begging for your help…

…to raise a considerable amount of money for our ministry, Chains of Grace.

One of our sister ministries, Haven of Rest, needed some Air Conditioners replaced. They are good, conservative Christians who work hard to help men and women come out of prison and stay out of prison.

Two full size units of Air Conditioning went out on their main site. Frankly, they did not begin to have the money to replace those units. Just as frankly, it is, well, hot in North Central Texas in August.

So, Chains of Grace paid the full amount to replace those two units.

Now, we need to replace that money.

We announced a Director’s September Matching Fund Drive. Our Director, (me) has issued a challenge to all our readers. I will give what I usually give, plus $1,000 more in the month of September to match any new giving our readers give us.

To date, though it is not even the end of August, we have $420 pledged. This is great. I am on my way to the bank this morning to do my part, which is to match that $420.

Will you help us?

Please let us know you are joining us in our September Fund Drive. To replace those two AC units has cost us $8,200. We really need to replace that money so we can help others.

Please let us know of your willingness to offer a matching gift to our ministry. You can tell em at davrick@gmail.org or call me at 972-740-1917. I will give the happy news to all our readers and ask them to match your gift.

We have so much to do. Please help us do it.

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