I am so old, I don’t need a birthday cake…

…so I am just asking all my family and my friends to give to Chains of Grace for my birthday.

What do we do at Chains of Grace? We preach Jesus Christ, crucified, resurrected and coming again.

What do we do in our ministry, Chains of Grace? We provide reentry services and supervision for men and women coming out of prison.

What do we do at Chains of Grace? Well, what do our folks need?

I found myself in a parking lot one night recently, after 11pm, pleading with one of our fellows to come home to us and get his life together. He did not do as we asked. We tried.

Numerous individuals with our ministry spent time teaching Rashad how to do drive. Rashad is in his early twenties. He had never driven a car. He went straight from high school to prison and had never driven a car. He now has his license, insurance, a good job and drives himself to work. And, we all survived.

One of our older fellows had a health issue that just was not getting addressed. We took him to one of our doctors who is in our volunteer network. She diagnosed his problem in moments, treated him and he is on his way to a full recovery.

One of our fellows, a younger man, just had no teeth. Meth addicts lose their teeth. We took him to one of our dentists who put his mouth back together. He now has a full set of what look like teeth and the confidence that goes with it.

What do we do at Chains of Grace? What do our folks need?

We are doing a ministry churches might do but, frankly, there is no church in the world set up to do what we do. Please help us do what our folks need and our ministry is set up to do.

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