I Am Starting to Hurt for Mr. Romney

   My friend and arch-Republican MR laments two facts. The national GOP tends now to select a moderate-centrist Presidential candidate and a base energizing bottom  of the ticket. Then, they learn belatedly, it seems, that people do not want to see the top of the ticket but they do not vote for the bottom name.

   Mr. Romney, who chose Mr. Ryan over the weekend, got a brief bump from it. However, Mr. Romney looks so tired and hurt by all the bumps of the campaign trail, it is hard to see him try to speak now.

   A billionaire with a super successful career does not need or want my sympathy, but his body language on the speaking platforms over the last two days is tough to watch. He has never been good on the stump, or fluid in his movements, but he is starting to look like a man having a heart attack when he walks up to a dais.

      Look for more campaign events with the two fellows together. I think this is a big mistake, since the ticket together means they cover half the sites they could. And, it may eventuate that Mr. Ryan gets the approval a back-up QB gets on a football team, to the detriment of the starter. Mr. Ryan's non-budgets, the ones he puts out in the middle of the year when they cannot pass, are coming back to haunt him. He cannot run from them, either, for they are what brought him to this point.

   This is going to get bumpy. 

   I am starting to hurt for Mr. Romney a bit.



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