I Appreciate the work of our American Democrat Politicians

In the last week I have read various tweets, instagrams, blogs and main stream journalists carrying the words of Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker , Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and more. The common factor in these communiques is wrath laid out against the American legal process and its cowardice involved in parting infants as young as five months old from their parents. The stalwart stand of the various Democrats castigated the policy of American authorities who took smaller children away from parents and guardians who, themselves, worked hard to place these children in danger in the first place. Our brave Democrat Politicians abhor the use of ICE to legally remove endangered children from persons who themselves are acting illegally.

We agree the proper place of children is with their parents. We would also hope the parents would better be natural parents, one of each gender and each committed to the best interests of their children. Our concern is when we read the voting records of the Democrats. That is, those who most loudly decry holding endangered children in thrall, though safely, in confinement, though comfortable, have seemingly never met an abortion bill they did not like. Somehow, those who would most loudly defend the prerogatives of refugee parents and children do not seem to hold native American children in the same regard.

To be consistent they must surely start to cry similar crocodile tears for the thirty million American female children murdered in abortion clincs for profit since 1973. Our brave Democrat politicians must leave off the attacks on ICE and, instead push back against the enemies who prove their violent intent against us by working hard to destroy viable babies moments before their delivery.

Thanks go to the Democrats who will save some few babies taken in for protection. This is good. Now, let them turn their eyes and energies over to gaze on laws intended to allow the murder of equally innocent American children who can be beaten to death and dismembered in the womb just prior to delivery in some states.

Protect all the children, we would say, not just the ones who might form a voting bloc for you.

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