I asked for $10 for my birthday (or more)

Please give me $10 or more for my birthday


My birthday if Friday, October 5

With your $10 or more gift I can feed, clothe and keep safe a young man or woman coming out of jails and prisons around Texas

All your money will go to the ministry

We can use it to pay for transportation to work

or we can get them a job

or fund document retrieval so they can get a job,

Believe me when I say you want me supervising them and supplying their needs.

To donate on line go to www.chainsofgrace.org and follow the donation instructions.

To help us through hard mail, send check or money order

made out to Chains of Grace PO Box 1344 in Midlothian, Tx 76065


We need all your help, please. We will use it all for the ministry. NO waste.


2 thoughts on “I asked for $10 for my birthday (or more)”

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