I Believe the Socialist-Democrats

Please believe me. I would much rather spend my time and energy in this space telling you about our ministry, Chains of Grace. I implore you to go to our website at www.chainsofgrace.org to learn all about us. You can see our videos and listen to our podcasts.

We have not had one of our residents reoffend this year. Not one. Our 2020 recidivism rate is 0. We get to speak gospel truth to so many people because of this work. Please pray for us and give us your help financially.

Between now and the coming General Election I feel duty bound to express some specific truths. Our country, our poor, bleeding nation is in imminent danger. I believe we will either turn to Jesus or turn to dust.

I am about to express some partisan political thoughts, so you may want to stop reading if such an effort will cause you distress. I am going to write about my complete trust in the veracity of the Socialist Democrat Party. I believe much of what they say is truth. I listen and take them at their word.

I ask you to take Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris at their word.

When the Socialist-Democrats say, “H-ll yes we are coming for your guns,” believe them.

When they say they will defund the police in our major cities, believe them

If the Socialist-Democrats just hold firm on these two declarations, what will we see?

We will see a defunded police, a disarmed citizenry and a mass of our populace defenseless before the mob. We will see streets blocked, holdings burned, churches closed, ministers imprisoned and no one strong enough to say stop.

I am not a gun person. Most of the uniformed police I know would say the same about themselves. I have been around uniformed police officers all my life. I served as the unpaid, on-call Police and Fire Chaplain in my beloved Midlothian for more than fifteen years and would do so again if asked. In all my years I have never heard an officer boast about a shooting.

Do you know what Peace Officers brag about? The proudest boaster is the one who says, “I wore a badge for thirty years and never had to pull my gun on a citizen.”

I offer my respect and affirmation for our uniformed Peace Officers. I admire these men and women.

And, as far as those who say they are coming for our guns, what they are really saying is they are coming for our freedoms. These people also have designs on your property, your church, your right to assemble, your right to work, your right to worship.

I will not vote to be one per cent less free.

When someone tells me, like Beto O’Rourke told us, like Lori Lightfoot told us, like Kamala Harris told us, like the career politician Joe Biden told us, they are coming for our freedoms. I take them at their word.

I believer them.

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