I Can Only Imagine. Then, I Cringe

Beloved, as the week and the month near their end, imagine something with me.

Imagine you are in a place where you live under the rule of persons who are not freely elected and cannot be popularly recalled. These persons control the distribution of all food, clothing and employment. The leaders cannot be criticized. Those who oppose them are first ostracized, then imprisoned, then exiled or killed. Trials are perfunctory and verdicts are assumed. Individual rights do not exist, only the rights of the collective. The leaders decide the identity of the collective.

Any outside entity (other nation) seen to oppose them is cast as evil and war mongers. This, even as the collective denies bread and medicine to its populace in order to produce greater military might.

Your imagination has taken you to any Communist or Socialist nation, ever. We beat Communism/Socialism once, but at great personal and national cost. Communism/Socialism is creeping back in to our national conversation. This time it is not a Soviet bloc on the other side of the world. We are supposed to accept Socialist rule right here in America at the behest of an older generation of politicians who bemoan the death of Socialism elsewhere and a younger generation of hand-picked Leftist politicians who cannot name the first three Presidents of the United States but believe the 44th POTUS was the greatest ever, because he is the only one they remember.

You have nothing to say about all this nonsense. To criticize these elderly Collectivists (Biden, Sanders, Warren) or their moronic younger counterparts (the Gang of Four) means you will be labeled a racist, at least, and a white supremacist or an Uncle Tom at worst.

You have nothing to say because the Collectivists, old and young, know better than you. They know better than you about everything.

Mr. Biden plagiarized his college course work and his better known political speeches. Senator Warren decided she was a Native American and used this fiction to advance her standing in education and in politics. Mr. Sanders, the most benevolent of Socialists, wants you to know he owns three homes and is a millionaire because he wrote a best selling book about his love for the Collective and requires his adherents to buy it and fawn all over him.

All these people know more than you. I will not get into the absurdities of the Gang of Four today. They know more than you, as well, though one of them cannot even identify a garbage disposal and one of the others apparently used campaign money to pay for travel costs for one of her illicit lovers.

Imagine a world like this one I have described.

Now, imagine leaving this kind of mess for your children and your grandchildren.

This is why I cringe.

Coming Next Time: Why the Young Socialists are Killing the Democrat Party

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