I Did Not Get It Done But I Will Make It Up to You

My goal for this year is 365 posts on this blogsite. Yesterday was the first day this new year I failed to post, though I sat down to write more than once. Some distraction or other got in my way.

Last night at our ministry site, Pastor Nolen Yancey preached for the first time in a while, relieving me of the duty for one night. Next Sunday evening in our 6 pm meeting, I will start a three part sermon series on the Prodigal Son. This week I will drop some hints about how that will go.

If you are over 18 years of age and otherwise unencumbered on Sunday evening, you are invited to come to worship with us at the Haven of Rest ministry site in Rendon, Texas. All are welcome. I will be the skinny guy at the front of the room. We are off the beaten path, to be sure, but my GPS worked to get

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