I Do Not Mean to Brag…

…so let me gloat pompously, if I might.

Last night was Senior Night Basketball at the Prep Academy where two of my grandchildren currently attend.

The Senior in our family is Faith Atchley. She graduates in May and is headed to DBU to study Education with an intention to do overseas missionary work. A well grounded child, you might say.

The team we played last night featured three girls near six feet in height. Faith is about five feet and five inches, plays point guard and is, according to her Pa-Pa (me) really, really good. All our opponents double team her. The last two have actually triple teamed her.

Last night, the plan of the other coach was to have three of his girls shadow Faith on some part of the court and run her into whichever of six footer was on the floor at the moment.

Did the plan work?

Faith finished the night, officially, with 44 points, 10 rebounds, 6 steals and 2 assists.

So, no, the triple team and run her into the big girls did not seem to slow her much.

Then, after the game, there was the Senior Night Recognition. Most of Faith’s family could not attend, so only nine of us were present, plus her Youth Minister and his Wife. She was, you see, well represented.

Did anyone cry? I cannot say. I was weeping too hard.

God. Family. Church. Country. A good time was enjoyed by all.

Except the five girls who had to guard her. I think they were mostly glad to find out she was a senior.

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