I have a lot of grandchildren…

This week my grandchildren went to church and went to school and came to our family times on Sunday and Thursday night. Four of them worked hard on piano and art and dance. The two five years olds, independent of one another, sat with me and read books to me; whole books, unprompted and above their age level. Three of my grandchildren played basketball this week. Between them their line was 88 points, 49 rebounds, 12 steals and nine assists. One of my granddaughters helped a lonely new girl at her school get through the week. One of my grand daughters had her friends over for a tea, where they giggled and learned etiquette and service, like ladies.

Yes, there are a lot of us.

Yes, we are boring

Their Nana and I drove about two hundred miles this week to watch our grands do what they do. I truly hope they remember, when they are older, that we came to everything they did.

I will never, ever forget.

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