I Have To Warn Us

   The internet is great. I love to google.

   Some of us, however, carry this way too far.

   That is, we get our sermons from someone’s online service, print them off and then repeat them as though they are our own.

   No, I don’t.

   I keep hearing about those who do.

   One brother printed off another fellow’s testimony and gave it as his own. Unfortunately, a member of his congregation had caught on, ordered some of the same material and was reading it word for word with him.

   This is not good.

   All of us gain inspiration from other speakers and writers. This is fine. Try to indicate you are speaking from this inspiration. Do not totally plagarize someone else.

   I think the internet is cool. I love to google. We still have to play by the real rules.

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  • 1 thought on “I Have To Warn Us”

    1. I remember hearing a story about a pastor who was asked to leave a Church. When pressed for details, the biggest complaint was that a high percentage of his sermon illustrations came from the “Gunsmoke” episode that had aired 11:30 on Satuday night! I think we can all rely on sources too heavily if we are not careful…

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