I Miss Somethings Enough I Wish They Would Return

I will leave my hair and narrow waist out of this list. I miss them enough I wish they would return, but, come on.

I miss:

Kareem Abul-Jabbar’s incredible, sleek, unstoppable Sky-Hook. He had to miss the shot. No one could stop it.

Brooks Robinson stopping all things that came his way at third base for the Orioles.

Roger Staubach bringing the Cowboys back on Sunday afternoon in the 3 O’clock game. Yes, I know. They needed to be brought back because Roger threw the ball high and outside for three quarters. When he had to throw them low and tight in the last five minutes, he could suddenly make it happen, and the Cowboys won.

Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Gale Sayers, OJ Simpson (pre-felony), Tony Dorsett running the ball. All of them were home-run threats every time they touched the ball. Their kind does not exist any longer. You could add Emmitt and Walter and Barry to the list.

The day when I thought all politicians were patriots, all preachers were moral, all athletes were heroes.

I miss hearing James Moss preach on Sunday night. You never heard of him. He wasn’t even a good preacher. He was just a really, really good friend to me.

Rain. I miss rain.

Apparently, I miss a lot of things.

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