I plan to post each day this week.

Long time readers from the old aintsobad site and this site will remember I posted at least once a day each day for about twelve years. Obviously I have not kept up that pace for some time. I doubt I ever will again.

However, I have a few things I wish to say. This week, August 30-September 5, it is my intention to post each day. If I do not, you can be sure I have been hindered in some way by a force other than myself.

Our nation is bleeding. My concerns start with the certainty I still carry that America is exceptional. Yes, there are many other nations on the earth with our freedoms, but, to be blunt, America has provided these freedoms for other nations for more than a generation. American ships rust on the bottom of every ocean. American blood has been shed on most continents and for all people.

We are not perfect. Who will take our place? The rioters in our streets do not want to leave America. They just want it handed over to them because it is so great and good.

I believe fifty years from now the forces behind the evil in our streets will be interviewed and, among other things, they will say, “We could not believe how far we got, how much we got. We really could not believe great cities would be handed to us. We were astounded citizens would agree to defund the people protecting them. We never thought Americans would give up their rights. We were amazed.”

Beloved, we must not let it be so easy.

In fact, we must not continue to let it happen at all.

I hope to see you tomorrow.

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