I Spent This Week Listening to People Talk About God

In a seminar setting this week I spent the better part of 50 classroom or interview hours listening to people talk about God. Most of them were younger people, almost all of them younger than me (ok, there was one older fellow, older than me, in his third career as a minister). The theme of the week was Introduction to Ministry. I enjoyed it all very much, except the dormitory bed.

The theme of the week, for the young people, has been Introduction to Ministry. For me, it has been Rethink, Retool, Recommit  to Ministry. I have had to think about various Bible stories, since I shall always have the stereo-typical way of doing religious life, that the inspired word of God knows more than I know about the I-Thou and the Person-Person reality of life. I am a Biblical Christian, so much as I can be with my human limitations and I fear that issue is settled for me.

Please understand I worship God in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I do not worship the Bible. I fear people who try to make the Bible co-equal to God. The Bible, God’s written word, tells me about God and I worship God.

The stories Jesus told, the ones that made up His story, end up pointing to God, the Father. Jesus made this plain, that He was showing the Father and the Spirit would magnify what Jesus taught about the Father.

if there is a story that matters, it will begin, continue and end in/with God. My encouragement this week has been the seriousness with which these young people take the written word of God and Living Word of God.

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  1. I must be a neo-monastic. I loved the quiet of a nearly desert dorm and the solitude of a simple room/cell with a shared bathroom (except for the times that I followed my suite mate after he had eaten out at the stockyard.

    Enjoy the initiation, it will bless you in the long run!

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