I Told You This Would Happen and You Just Wouldn’t Listen

I told you. I alerted you. I warned you. Would you listen?

No, you were too busy, too caught up with your own little schemes and dreams. You plotted, conspired, met in secret sessions. What did it all get you?

I told you a month ago.

When the brackets came out, I told you Louisville would win the NCAA Men’s Championship. I am not a Louisville fan. I looked at their guard play and said, “They will win the whole thing.”

I bravely stood, alone and uncomplaining, taking what came to me, holding steady to my course. Was I worried when their sixth man broke his leg? Only for the young man. Was I fearful when they were 14 down to Duke? Nay, I say ye, Nay.

Was I fearful when Spike Albrecht shot lights out from somewhere in Alabama? Nay, I say ye, Nay.

Would you listen? You were too busy, meeting in cabal, conniving  my overthrow.

In the end, you will have only destroyed what you claimed to love. Your bracket is dust.

And I told you so.

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