The Bard and the Ball, Linked for Your Convenience; Act One

   This is growing tiresome. Here is the Bard and the Ball Link try; again.

The Bard and the Ball, Act One, Scene Three

The Bard and the Ball, Act One, Scene Two

The Bard and th Ball

   At long last, after only 63 attempts per application, two tutors (thanks Todd, thanks Hunter), after unnumbered prayers, I have successfully linked these three blogs.

   I came. I saw. I linked.

   I linked. Yes, I linked and I am glad.

   Next up: I intend to learn how to put pix on Facebook. Imagine the crumbling of the entire estate.

Here is a link to the blog of my friend, Ken Coffee. He is worth a read.

Bad Choices Are Like Snakes

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