I Watch Our Nation Make Three Mistakes

The current state of our poor, bleeding nation is the direct result of three repetitive errors. Certainly, it may seem there are more, but the burning cities, the looted stores, the angry mobs and those who enable them all simply repeat three errors.

We suddenly honor persons and entities who practice no form of responsibility beyond the purely personal. That is, there is no concern for one’s neighbor, let alone any concern for one’s nation. What the robbers want seems to be the resegregation of America, with liberty and justice for no one an inch removed from one’s own nose. Selfishness is a deadly sin and selfishness is a direct result of neglecting responsibility for anyone beyond yourself.

We seem determined, secondly, to leave off any ethos including service. The resegregation violence in our streets pushes toward a form of tribalism certain to cool the fires of our melting pot. We cannot go on acting as if a portion of the population is owed something beyond mere opportunity.

The third error we seem determined to repeat is the neglect of historic morality. The lies being told today in place of actual history are certain to deepen the schism, for this is their actual purpose.

What to do? Demand the truth. End the ennoblement of mob violence. If the mob ruled cities need billions of federal tax dollars to repair themselves, suggest they at least first admit the damage was not the result of peaceful protests.

We are on the precipice, to be sure. We got here by letting clowns and criminals run our major cities.

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