I Will Be Back (I Think)

   We had some fun here with Texas-OU weekend. It is more fun here when Texas wins.

   I really never cared about Texas-OU until I got a co-pastor named Todd Littleton from Oklahoma. He and his family became the great friends of my life. With staff, you usually hit a home run or strike out with the bases loaded.

   Todd and Patty were a walk-off grand slam.

   I did take down the Texas-OU posts. They were fun but the weekend is done. To leave them up is the moral equivalent of insult to injury (sorry, Sam, we love you, brother).  So, they are down until next  year, if next year comes.

   I will be back in this space shortly, God being my help. I also intend to finish the prayer guides for October, 2009. I want to write some stories, again, and December will be here.

   Right now, my goal is Advent season. There are a hundred things in my way, growing by the day. I do want to have a good Advent Season and I intend to start that on All Hallow's Eve (what you pagans call Halloween), with devotions and prayers.

  I am ready to see Heaven. I hope you are the same. We live here a while and think it all important. There is a place we live longer and Someone we live longer with, as well.

   (Eternal) life is a journey. Prepare for it well. You can't take "It" with you, so lay up treasures in heaven.

   Be at peace today, as I am at peace.

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