I Will Never Retire, Because…

…one does not retire from a calling. What I do is a holy vocation, a sacred calling. One can run out of time or have no place to work or just die. You cannot, however, retire from a calling. I have never thought of retirement, not recently, or now or ever. I will not retire.

Ministry can take various forms but you do not retire from a divine call to a holy work. What would that look like, anyway?

So, the work goes on, wherever, whenever, however, with whomever I am able.

3 thoughts on “I Will Never Retire, Because…”

  1. My Pastor is now 72. He has more energy, drive, and calling of any other Pastor I know half his age. He has had 4 separate bypass surgeries. He has a passion for youth and children which I’ve not seen of a Pastor in quite a while. On Sunday night he ‘teaches’. Scripture, doctrine, Biblical Truth. Always focused on the youth. The rest of us are along for the ride, but we “get it” too.

    I’ve joked with him (well, half-joked) that we will have to carry him out of the pulpit heels first. He does not disagree.

    I love my Pastor and am most appreciative that he has chosen NOT to ‘retire’ from his calling as well.

    Preach On, Davis. There is always someone else who hasn’t heard.


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