“I Will Take What Comes” is not preferable to “I Will Think Through My Actions Before I Act”

Chains of Grace is a Christ-centered, non profit ministry. Chains of Grace is privately funded.

Chains of Grace provides re-entry services and supervision for persons coming out of incarceration. Persons who come out of prison, state jail, federal prisons or even county jails re=enter a bewildering world. Many already own a record indicating the world overwhelmed them before they were first arrested (hence, the arrest).

We work with felons. Our residents are criminals, some with very long records of criminal activity. We have persons within our ministry who have unspeakable crimes on their record.

I find myself saying over and again to men who commit acts to potentially violate their parole, “Please do not tell me you are wiling to take whatever comes. Of course you will take what comes. Big deal.”

I prefer to tell our fellows, “Think about what you do before you act. Get a good grip on how many people will suffer if you behave badly. Who will suffer if you violate your parole, or commit another crime? You are not a hero because you stoically accept whatever may come your way as punishment. Think about what you are about to do before you act.”

We love our guys. We work hard to keep them headed the right way. To get guys to think before they act can be a daunting task. It is also about half of what we try to do with our residents.

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