I Will Use My Gift of Invisibility for Good and Not Evil…

Here is a sad truth. I have noted it and I fully believe in this fact.

At age 55 (in American culture) you become invisible.

Understand, you begin to fade at 50, losing body mass and density with each birthday.

At 55, you are completely see-through. You may have brief moments of visibility, usually in an ER (if you have health insurance) or at an ATM (if you have grown children). For the rest of the world, you cease to exist. The preferred demographic ends at 54. You are 55. You are invisible.

Apparently, from the moment of invisibility on, you can be seen regularly only by grandchildren, who do not know you by name, but instead give you another name, under which you will be buried, eventually.

By 58, dogs cannot detect your scent.

At 60, you can pass through an infra-red field without disturbance.

Yoda could not find you using the Force.

Yes, I just attended an event with mostly younger people, which is not unusual for me, since I can actually spot Methusalah (variant spelling) a ten spot. I was one  of the presenters, since I mostly invented the subject matter we were discussing. That is the good news. The other news is that every public appearance I make these days seems to include a Life-Time Achievement Award and an invitation to speak briefly about what things were like when we used to chip these presentations off a cave wall.

So, I have decided to use my great gift of invisibility for good and not for evil.

Of course, I am the one who gets to define good and evil.

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