I Wonder About Abraham

   In the modern Jewish revisionist writings of Biblical history, J, the Jehovah version writer, who tends to set things in Egypt rather than Canaan, is a woman, though there is not much history to support this theory. I sometimes wonder why it matters.

   The J history  itself is from earlier written writings, though it is hard to find such things, and put down no earlier than the fifth century BCE. P, the priestly writer, would have done his/her work not earlier than the 1oth century BCE.

    The most fascinating thing I find in the post-modern, non-covenant Jewish writers is the assignment of "dream" status to the seminal moment of Abraham's faith, the near sacrifice of Isaac. The post-modern writers make it a dream sequence rather than an actual occurrence.

   Sarah is Abraham's sister and his wife in actuality but Abraham's works are dreams, some would say hallucinations, in the later JEDP writers, according to the post-modern writers.

   I think I will spend some time with Abraham in 2012 and see what I think.



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4 thoughts on “I Wonder About Abraham”

  1. It seems to me that anytime one has encountered God it becomes easy to write(shrudge) it off as hallucination, chemical imbalance or idiocy, or something other than it is.
    Even with Abraham we see God’s attempt to evangelize the outsider by living in Abraham’s weakness to demo His own Grace and Mercy.

  2. Had Abraham’s dream extended less to the knife the foreskin’s loss might matter so little. The cut… as my Dad might say the Red badge of courage.

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