Imposition 2012-A Dead Heat

   According to the latest NYT/CBS poll, 47% of likely voters say they would vote for President Obama in the fall. The same poll shows 44% of likely voters would vote for Governor Romney.

   Since there is a plus/minus of 3% in these samplings, one could easily say the possible election results now would be "too close to call." Each candidate has some problems to overcome.

   Mr. Obama has the health-care issue to deal with and his problems are complicated by the pending actions of the US Supreme Court. If the Court issues a ruling at just the wrong moment the campaign might be altered considerably.

   Mr. Romney has the health-care issue to deal with and his memory, apparently. Mr. Romney remembers enacting mandatory health coverage in Massachusetts but he does not remember urging the federal government to take his successful program nation wide, printed evidence to the contratry.

   Mr. Obama has a nascent economic recovery with high unemployment built in to it. Granted, he inherited the mess from his predecessor but the American electorate tends to remember by-gone administations with more charity than clarity.

   Mr. Romney has a nascent economic recovery with high unemployment built into it. If Mr. Romney is going to put himself forward as the practical minded business man who is a Washington outsider, he has historical precedent on his side. Herbert Hoover was a practical business man with no Washington connections. He won the White House but is not remembered with the same charity others receive.

   Mr. Obama can point to the termination of Osama Bin Laden during his watch, the end of the incursions into Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Romney says he would have done more but is not yet specific about what he might have done.

   One hopes social issues do not overhwhelm this election, what with the vast human suffering, unrest on our Southern Border and at least two rogue nations developing nuclear capability. Bill Clinton ran on economic issues and then had his first administration virtually eaten alive by leftist social issues. Granted, his administration balanced the budget, slowed government growth and left a surplus where there had been a deficit but his personal issues will write his legacy.

  Mr. Obama has a chance to be something other. We do not yet know what Mr. Romney might be and so have nothing else to look at but his record.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

2 thoughts on “Imposition 2012-A Dead Heat”

  1. Just saying…
    it is always curious to me that we find it easier to point at the President who really had little to do with domestic stuff other than offering a budget(which lately is so amended that it scarcely if at all reflects what he offered) and interpreting the passed set of laws and how they will be enforced.
    His great contribution is as the national spokesman, be it in foreign relations, through the bully pulpit or as the Grand Rally-er of the masses. The one other thing I have noticed is his propensity to turn gray haired in front of our eyes.
    Of course he can vetoe things and be remembered as the man who stopped up everything(perhaps a necessity) or the man who tried but was overridden.

  2. meant to continue–
    “it is easier to point…” than to reduce the tenure of our own more local representation by ousting those who have become enchanted by the bureaucratic largesse and ‘quid pro quo’ mentality that makes it so difficult to actually cut back on exhorbitant spending practices.
    We need to pass an amendment whereby Congress may NOT exempt themselves from the laws they pass for us meatheads. It may be that that particular peculiar penchant(3 p’s!) of congress should actually be challenged in court…OH MY!

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