Imposition 2012-Astute Readers Respond

 Astute reader K looks at my recent posts on how the GOP is savaging itself in the primaries and opines, "This seems typical for a party out of power." Or some such.

   Astute reader Michael looks at it and says, "You are not going far enough. We may be seeing a major party change in America, for about the seventh time in our history. Start thinking about that."

   Astute reader Todd scans the page and asks, "Where is the Twitter/Facebook connection? Get connected now, so someone can actually read this stuff."

   Other astute readers have offered some opinions my filters eliminate pretty fast.

   It is good to have astute readers.

   Let me point out a couple of things that are different this time around in the presidential election cycle. 

   The GOP, which depends heavily on evangelical Christians for their voting base, is straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel to find one they can stomach. There just is not a Protestant or Free Church candidate in the race or on the horizon. So, the party of Pat Robertson and James Dobson has to choose between Mitt Romney, a Mormon, and Newt Gingrich, who is a repentant sinner, if he is to be believed, but who looks a lot like the old Newt on the stump. 

   Late in the day (but maybe not too late) comes Rick Santorum. This has not been a good year for guys named Rick in presidential politics. My own campaign never got going, not really, because I forgot to file all those papers and raise a kabillion dollars in a Super PAC. Sorry. The other Rick from Texas spent a few months raising money and a lot of time answering the question, "Are you really that stupid?"

   Governor Perry is not that stupid, by the way. Things speed up on the national stage.

   Absent a candidate acceptable to masses of evangelicals (Santorum comes closest but he has not exactly been fully vetted yet) the GOP needs a standard bearer who has a distinct message. The message must not be silly or over dramatic but must have the right mix of nerve and substance.

   Instead, the GOP has Mr. Romney, who fits the hierarchical structure in that he lost last time and is now endorsed by the man who beat him, Senator McCain, and who then lost to the man Mr. Romney will supposedly have to face in the fall, Mr. Obama. Anticipating his own inevitability Mr. Romney has started to run against Mr. Obama already, neglecting the apathy of his own party for his candidacy.

   This will not end well.

   Meanwhile, the world churns on, Arab Spring, Iranian Uranium Enrichment, European Debt Crisis, Wal-Mart moves to China and still no immigration bill and unemployment still above 8% in the US. The GOP candidates are doing what they know, which is typical, but the world is not typical any longer. The world has shifted its focus and the major parties in the US must change or go the way of the Whigs, the Progressive Republicans, the Bull Moose party and the Know-Nothings.

   Tomorrow, God willing, I will start to say how the change might come.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.


Yes, these are my ideas only, but the Twitter and Facebook buttons at the bottom of my posts now, for your convenience are there because of Dr. Todd Littleton, my guru, friend of twenty plus years and all around good guy. He told me this was going to get done…now. And look, it is done.

What a guy.


2 thoughts on “Imposition 2012-Astute Readers Respond”

  1. I tend to think we spend a great deal of time looking at the genealogy of the candidate – how they came to be where they are and the socializing forces that compel them into the political arena. We do not spend near enough time thinking through the dividing line between, generally speaking, Democratic vision and Republican vision.
    Newbigin helped clarify the way in which differing visions of a liberal democracy result in the same aim – advantaging the individual – takes differing shapes. Democrats tend to regulate for the majority but still want the individual to prosper. Republicans tend to free the market where in freedom is regulated by market forces.
    This tends to play our in the religious politics of the left and right wherein the emphases tend toward the same trajectories.
    I dare mention that American Theologian of the Progressive bent contends there exists a global religion – economism. He may have an argument. That unlike times past where in we could look for parallels in the Whigs, Progressive Republicans, etc may pay off, our world was not under the global religion he names as “economism.”
    The result is the political play into a hyper-pragmatism evidenced in the extreme polls of both parties exerting more influence to maintain the “as is” structures that yield them their greatest financial reward.
    More simply – we voters are the lifeblood of their matrix.

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