Imposition 2012-Gingrich and Romney Remember They Both Hate Obama

   Iowa behind them, New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries days away, Messrs. Romney and Gingrich remembered they hated Mr. Obama. Mr. Romney called Mr. Obama a bad businessman and Mr. Gingrich called him a bad politician. One wonders how Mr. Obama got to the White House ahead of the two GOP fellows.

   Watch for the two to continue to hate on Mr. Obama through Saturday. They should then turn their main guns back on each other. Mr. Romney has more money, both in his campaign and in his Super-PAC. Mr. Gingrich has more speaking ability and connections. I think Mitt and Newt will hit hard on each other while the other candidates, the charisma challenged Paul and the cash strapped Santorum will take shots at Mr. Obama.

   The big winner of this strategy?

   Mr. Perry of Texas.

   He has lots of money, great hair and a real chance to define his candidacy if he wishes. Newt and Mitt will shoot at each other, Ron and Rick S. will take on Obama. If Mr. Perry comes out swinging at the front runners and at Mr. Obama in the two week-end debates, he could give himself a fighting chance. The main problem for Mr. Perry is his overall inability to think on his feet. If things do not go as his handlers advise he is not one to improvise well. 

   Mr. Romney will use his enormous Super-PAC to fire away at the the other candidates while naming only Mr. Gingrich. This could  backfire on him as Newt becomes less and less viable as a candidate. Mr. Romney could be accused of "piling on."

   The slight dip in US unemployment is sauce for the GOP gander if they want. The rise in commodity prices (definition of a commodity-something you actually use every day) with the stagnation in wages (definition of wage-something the top 1%  pays to the rest of the population) and the very slight dip in unemployment (likely to rise again next month as more people rejoin the looking for labor force) is actually a good opening for the GOP. People vote their pocketbook. When the incumbent office holders cannot show the benefit of their policies the voters will order a change. 

   The main problem for the GOP is they are still running a 1980 campaign without a Reaganesque candidate. No one really looks forward to four years of listening to any of the GOP candidates make speeches. They are actually physically painful to listen to. Reagan was a master communicator. His ad libs were better than any of the 2012 candidates in their stump speeches.

   The GOP is the only party running right now, since the Democrats have their ticket ready to go. The Republicans could be defining their party for 2012 and beyond. It is sad they seem to spend most of their time looking back over their shoulders instead of toward the horizon. 


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  1. Perry’s problem isn’t money, though I hear the contributions have dried up considerably. It’s that he has to open his mouth and speak in order to campaign. He’s dropped in SC in the past few days, with Santorum on the rise. And for those who think Palin will somehow be able to get in and get going, she wasn’t even polling 2% when she decided not to jump in. The VP candidate from the previous losing ticket is usually not the person parties turn to when they are looking for an electable candidate. The GOP has enough trouble with the field they have now. Palin would only complicate things, and she couldn’t win anyway.

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