Imposition 2012-I Fix Health Care Again Today, Adding Stress

   Let me try again.

   Fifty per cent of illnesses are self-inflicted. Eliminate the self-inflicted illnesses, you reduce the cost of health care delivery because demand goes down.

   Substance abuse, tobacco, obesity, alchohol overuse are all examples of self-inflicted illness causes.

   Stress can be added to the list but so often stress is not self-inflicted. Did you ever raise a teenager? Did you ever lose a job because someone in Chickabangbang was willing (or forced) to do the same job for 31 cents an hour and all the fetid water he could drink?

   My friend Chaplain Kevin, war hero and good Methodist, almost had his car paid off and was planning to drive it on until the wheels came off of it. Then, the wheels fell off it and he ended up deeper in debt.

   Aaargghh. Good plan, stressful end.

   So, I don't know if we can eliminate stress.

   However, we could do something about obesity, tobacco use, pollution of resources, alchohol abuse, substance abuse, children giving birth to children and other self-inflicted conditions. In fact, we could reach up and pluck the low hanging fruit of the American self-inflicted illness tree, diabetes. In so doing, we could eliminate a condition that may inflict as much as 25% of our population by 2025. 

   The problem is these self-inflicted conditions require change, which is personal responsibility. Frankly, it is not enough to say everyone should just pay for their own  needs. The cost of health care delivery and food is becoming prohibitive. There are numerous examples of senior citizens who have to decide between their medicines and their groceries. 

    You and I are not predisposed to let people go hungry or suffer pain, while we drive by with the windows rolled up. We are Americans, Christians and Progressives. We change things. We help people.

   One of the problems I have with Modern Liberalism, when applied to the political scene, is that people are a burden to Modern Liberalism. Let a baby boomlet come up in America and it is the most awful thing you can imagine. How will we pay for all those people? Oh, horrors! Let the hand wringing begin.

   Modern Liberalism is scarcely about the audacity of hope. Audacity is not a plan. When it is not even attempted, it is only a wretched trick.

   So, government and industry, while they have their place in the health care delivery debate, cannot replace the church, if the church is about God's business.  As a part of the health care delivery system called "after-care" the church could be a huge part of delivery and so help bring down costs without sacrificing effectiveness.

   Sixty per cent of medical prescriptions are never filled. People who do not have the money or the time or the transportation may never take a preventitive medicine. Their condition worsens as a result. People who do not trust the doctor or the pharmacist or life in general need some find of meaningful connection with outside society, where there is hope. The church can offer hope if it is doing God's business.

   I think one of the solutions for the health care dilemma is the Church.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.



2 thoughts on “Imposition 2012-I Fix Health Care Again Today, Adding Stress”

  1. I do not know how our forebears(rowr) lived into the enlightened age of the ’90’s of the twentieth century!
    Forgive me, for I am a crone!

  2. Sounds intriguing.
    Saddleback uses The Daniel Plan wellness plan, with thousands at the church losing weight and getting healthier. NYT says “Warren would like the Daniel Plan to affect a billion people in the next decade,… He wants to transform health through faith-based communities….”
    “There will never be enough professionals — doctors, nurses and clinics — to care for all of the health needs in the world,” Warren wrote. “But there is a church in practically every village of the world, and volunteers ready and willing to be trained.”

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