Imposition 2012-Israel

   If America suddenly did not exist or just decided to pull its support from the nation Israel there would be a world-wide blood bath similar to the Nazi "final solution." The world Jewish population would be decimated. 

   America must continue to fight the Terror War for the same reasons we fought the Cold War for generations. Despite the immense cost in lives and treasure the victory of Soviet Communism was unthinkable then in the same way the triumph of anti-semitism is unthinkable now.

   So, it is not enough to say that we should "immediately end all foreign aid." In the 1973 invasion period when Egypt and various other surrounding "neighbors" attacked Israel without provocation or warning, the massive deployment of American military and humanitarian aid allowed Israel to survive. In the years since then Israel has been the most trustworthy American ally world-wide and certainly in the Middle East. If America turns from its allies, history says, it will soon find out it lacks allies and emboldens its enemies.

   The presence of Israel in the arid Middle East does not expose America to any more blackmail than having West Berlin set among the four quadrants of sovereignty (American, British, French and Soviet) exposed America to an "entangling alliance" and "militaristic blackmail" in the 1960's. When John Kennedy stared down the USSR over offensive missiles in Cuba, the great threat thrown at him by the Soviets was simple; if he invaded or blockaded Cuba the Soviets would send fifty divisions steaming down the autbahn for Berlin. They did not do so because America did not blink.

   In short, America defended the interests of freedom and democracy in Europe then, despite the Soviet threats, and should defend the same interests now in the Middle East and around the world. The world is no less dangerous a place today than in 1962 but it cannot be said to be measurably more dangerous now, either. The world simply requires an America courageous enough for the task at hand.

   Civilized persons around the world should also face the fact that it is the presence of one Jew, any Jew, anywhere in the world, at any time, that Israel's enemies hate, not just in the Middle East. The recent attack on a Jewish school in France, of all places, is one illustration of the continued unreasoning hatred of Israel's enemies.

   In a chilling retelling of the French attack, during which a rabbi and three children were killed, witnesses say the murderer tried to shoot a seven year old girl, only to have his first gun misfire. The gunman chased down the fleeing girl, held her while he took out another gun and shot her dead at point blank range.

   The days ahead may show the gunman mentioned is behind other attacks on various French minorities. It is simply not reasonable, however, to ignore attacks on Jews world-wide. It is the presence of even one Jew in the world that Israel's enemies cannot bear. America must not let down its guard, or its friends, for even a moment.


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