Imposition 2012-Mississippi and Alabama

   If Mr. Romney cannot finish second in both Southern states today, his candidacy must be called into question. He has not yet won a Southern state. He lost in Midwestern states that vote Southern, Kansas and Oklahoma. He eked out victories in Michigan, one of his home states (the others are Massachusetts and Mexico) and in Ohio. If Mr. Romney cannot win a Southern state soon, his ability to energize Republican strongholds is doubtful.

   Mr. Santoroum and Mr. Gingrich need to win both states. That is, if one wins Alabama and the other wins Mississippi, neither gains momentum, whatever they claim. In fact, if either one finishes lower than second in either state, he should seriously consider dropping out of the race. They both have at least one Southern win to them, two for each if you count Oklahoma for Mr. Santorum

   Mr. Paul is campaigning vigorously in Hawaii. I salute his good common sense. 


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