Imposition 2012-Mitt, Did You Ever Think, They Just Aren’t That Into You?

   Whomever told Mitt Romney to recite or sing "America, the Beautiful," as proof of his conservatism and love of country should tell him to stop now and not start again. He might as well recite "Muskrat Love" to announce his joy with the outdoors.

   To listen to Mr. Romney speak at a national Conservative political rally reminds me of a boy asking a girl for a first date after he has already struck out with her sister, her best friend and her maiden aunt. This is not going anywhere.

   Or, is it?

   This might go to a brokered  convention where an acceptable candidate emerges from a smoky back room, wreathed about by smiling power-brokers, himself (herself?) wearing a wry grin, as if greatness had suddenly been thrust on him/her. A brokered  convention, which was once the norm, might produce what PACs and Primaries cannot produce. In this case, that would be a candidate who has no excess personal baggage, no oddball foreign policy theories, no record of waffling. You know, a politician who might become a statesman, like Nixon or Reagan.

   Nixon, sans Watergate, whose first six years was arguably the most productive Presidential term in 20th century American history of the recent vintage. The EPA, Clean Air and Water Acts, the beginning of the end of the Viet Nam War, the overtures to China et al, made "Nixon to China" the American political catch-phrase of the 2oth century.

   As for Mr. Reagan, please repeat with me the number of Attack/Negative Ads run by the Reagan campaign in 1980. Zero, Nada, None. Mitt and Newt cannot get out of Iowa without each one pointing out the other has zits. 

   Mr. Reagan simply said, "What we have done the last four years is not working. What we will do the next four years will work. Vote for me." And, they did. Mr. Reagan then embarked on a tax and spend campaign that expanded the federal government in every direction. He made government work for people, a lot of us.

   I am not sure either Mr. Nixon or Mr. Reagan could be elected today. We will not talk to our chief antagonist, Iran, a backward, undeveloped, totalarian regime, like the one Nixon took on in the '70s. We just rattle our swords. Mr. Reagan would have a harder sell with his pro-Choice, Anti-Capital punishment history. Mr. Reagan's tax cuts favored people with money, as tax cuts tend to do, but he paid everyone. Work-fare did not come along until Mr. Clinton.

   You can look it up.

   As for Mr. Romney, well, no matter how many roses you buy her, Mr. Romney, the GOP will not likely be your Grand Old Gal.


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