Imposition 2012-Movie Madness Friday

   I suggested a movie title for the GOP primary/caucus/beauty contest season. Mine was, "The Longest Day."

   Astute reader Gary Skaggs, (I-Oklahoma) suggested, "One Flew Over the Kuckoos Nest."

   Yes, it started me thinking. What movie titles do you think would work for this particular primary season? Go ahead, comment.

   No XXX rated stuff. Remember the family orientation of this site. 

   Other than that, let's hear about it. 


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

5 thoughts on “Imposition 2012-Movie Madness Friday”

  1. Ok. Wait a minute. Is there such a movie as “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?” Really?
    If Sarah Palin gets in, do we call it “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman?”

  2. Well, I gotta admire these guys the way none of them are giving up and all are still battling. You might title it “Braveheart”, but in a matter of months it could be labeled “The Blues Brothers”. Almighty God–please help us . . .

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