Imposition 2012-Mr. Romney, the Bully

   Less than forty eight hours after Mr. Obama announced his new found acceptance of Same Sex marriage with full spousal rights, to be decided by state legislatures, a report comes linking Mr. Romney to personal involvement with a hate crime committed against a supposedly gay fellow student. The alleged incident took place over fifty years ago.

   I will take only a line or two to mention how convenient the sudden release of this report is to the Obama campaign. Mr. Obama shows his tolerance and flexibility. Mr. Romney is revealed to be a bully against the very demographic Mr. Obama now champions. What are the odds these two incidents, independent of one another, come to the fore in the same forty eight hour period?

   Two things:

   Mr. Romney, you aren't dealing with Rick Perry any more. I will bet you ten thousand dollars you did not expect to be savaged in this way before you even win the nomination.

   If the American people are silly enough not to see through this episode, we deserve to have J. Fred Muggs in the White House leading us in November.

   Now, let's take a look back at reality. The allegation is Mr. Romney took part in hazing a fellow student whose "hair was different," and who "was new" in the school and who "was commonly thought to be a homosexual." Reportedly, Mr. Romney waited while some other students held the new boy down and then took scissors to the young man's hair.

   Mr. Romney says he "does not recall the incident."

   The incident took place forty years years ago. The sister of the clippered student (now deceased) says the characterization of her brother "totally misrepresents her brother."

   Two things:

   A certain bloc of media representatives are actually reporting this story as "bullying."

   And Mr. Romney says he cannot recall the incident but he is sorry if he hurt anyone's feelings when he was in high school.

   If the American people are foolish enough to need to know about Mitt Romney's high school extra-curriculars, we should elect Fred Flintstone president. The notion of "bullying" is super-charged in our litigious age, particulary against persons who, allegedly (or otherwise) choose alternative sexual life styles. Anyone who sudddnly discovers homosexual preferences now is characterized as "courageous." As usual, cultural changes do not allow for parity. Acceptance must give way to admiration.

   So, Mr .Obama is courageous and tolerant. Mr. Romney is a bully with hair clippers and  a bad memory. 

   Someone should tell Mr. Romney that to simply say he "does not recall the incident" will not do. If you don't remember cutting a fellow's hair while other boys held him down, what does that say about you?

   One supposes it says you are running for high office in an emotionally super-charged age where it is simply unacceptable to mitigate against anyone who might be "different." Even if you are alleged to mitigate against them forty years ago.

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