Imposition 2012-Newt Shoots the Moon

   Newt Gingrich, speaking in Florida, announced his second term as president would see 13,000 Americans, minimum, doing new manufacturing jobs.

   On the moon. 

   Mr. Gingrich is in Florida, where, coincidentally, a state wide primary will be held shortly for the purpose of apportioning delegates to the GOP national convention. Which, will be held, I believe, in Narnia.

   In between lecturing impotent media members about what they may question him about (Newt is appalled they would are ask him about his three marriages and equally apopoleptic about their willingness to ask him about the things he says about Mitt away from the rostrum), Mr. Gingrich spends his time promising potential voters the moon. 

   Florida, you may have noticed, has a large, suffering aerospace industry. When he promises Floridians the moon, Mr. Gingrich is like unto the man who comes out for syrup in Maine.

   Left unsaid is what Lincoln called "the terrible math." Mr. Gingrich's presidency, he claims now, will give America an unstoppable military, which he will never use, deep tax cuts for the top tier of earners and a balanced budget. If he can do all this in just two terms, sending 13,000 Americans to live and work on the moon should not be much of a problem.

   Next up will be Newt's promise to find new sources of ceyenne pepper in Louisiana, repair the retograde dissimilation of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota and get Jerry Jones out of the football business in Dallas. Newt is demonstrating two things: how much more effective he would be if no one listened to him speak and why the Democrats spend all their time running against Mitt now in hopes Newt can keep him out of the nomination. 

   Floridians, polls say, are now turning their attention to what Newt says. This is usually bad news for Newt. He is such a good politician he can play to the crowd in front of him nimbly, only to discover the next crowd wants its moon pie too. 

   Oh, well, It was fun while it lasted.



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2 thoughts on “Imposition 2012-Newt Shoots the Moon”

  1. I would have thought Louisiana would be more interested in Capsicum frutescens, the magic ingredient in Avery Island’s pepper sauce “from place of the coral” (Tabasco).
    There is nothing like “spicy” politics!

  2. Whatever you feel about Newt, he did say one thing that has stuck with me (forgive the paraphrase). Given the current environment (news media, etc) these are the only candidates that would run. What man has no sin or dark spot in his soul that wouldn’t see the light of a TV screen and set themselves up for judgement. You sort of wish for some guy to mutter “The first stone……” I know I’d never get within 50ft of a reporter asking about me. YIKES…..

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