Imposition 2012-Now, Let Us Turn the Page

   The two party nominations are now actually settled. Mr. Romney for the GOP and Mr. Obama for the Democrats, with Mr. Biden as second for the Democrats and a Vice-President candidate for the GOP to be declared. 

   The race itself promises to be a bitter frenzy. In the end, an ease to gas prices will benefit Mr. Obama, as would a drop in food prices. Commodities are the easiest market means to transfer wealth from the least able in an economy to the most powerful, with the most painful attendant consequences for the poorer wallet. Thus, the maxim, "people vote their wallet."

   Mr. Romney will have to skate hard to overcome his authorship of what he now villifies as "Obama-Care." One can ignore his child, even despise his own child, but, in the end, he cannot deny his child. Mr. Romney is the father of universal health care. If he cannot make that a strength he will not win the election.

   Mr. Obama had a steep learning curve. He had some problems hitting the major league fastball. However, of late, he has shown a maturity in office that makes him a more meaningful opponent. Like or hate him, his policies are there for all to see. Mr. Romney is in the odd position of needing to run against his own record, while Mr. Obama will run hard toward his record. 

   This will be an interesting few months. I stand by my earlier prediction. Mr. Obama will win again in the autumn. After that, we will find out if the nation wins.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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