Imposition 2012-Over, Done And Fairly Won

AT what seems very long last, the 2012 US Presidential election now enters the annals of history. The miracle of microwaving means we already have an E-book available to us, entitled, “Why Romney Lost.” This book hit cyber-space in 48 hours after the election itself. The author says he did work on it for six weeks prior, along with other scenarios like “Why Obama Lost” or “How Joe Biden Stressed the Electorate.”

Since it is now possible to offer unleavened punditry within hours of the election’s climax, perhaps we should review some of the key issues before us, complete with feelings, which apparently rule the day. Follow me.

  •    The fiscal cliff, toward which we  now hurtle, is entirely a political concoction. I will not call it a creation, just a concoction. As a political concoction, it dooms us to enter and reenter a circular loop of logic, wherein enormous deficits go from meaning nothing to the dominant issue in American fiscal politics, overnight.
  • The fiscal cliff, toward which we now plummet, is the direct result of globanomics, over which we have less control than Jimmy Carter had over the Arab Oil Embargo and the Iranian Hostage Crisis in the mid-70’s. How quickly did America forget Watergate and return the GOP to office when faced with economic and security crises simultaneously? Correct, my historian friend, four short years.
  • The fiscal cliff, over which we are in danger of falling, weakens us in security as much as it does economically. When military decision making has to be parsed as regards to how much we can afford, bad decisions may be made.

In short, tough economic decisions have to be made and we have to stand by them. Twelve years ago, coming out of the Clinton Administration, the nation lost focus on what made us economically strong. Thus, we supported two wars and a giant tax cut, which still looms over us. Frankly put, out entitlement programs must reconfigured, giant corporate subsidies must be eliminated and the super wealthy will have to keep their money here and pay taxes in the US of A. And, we will have to break our ages old dependence on government services.

There are many things about which to be hopeful. We are not far from energy independence, toward which we should hurtle. The shrinking GOP electorate may see it needs to win more than midterm elections to be effective. Immigration reform may be on the horizon and is badly needed. Two wars are ending and our military may get a chance to retool for the coming clash over Iran.

The Iranian Crisis will pit us against the largest Terrorist nation in the world. As in many crises we will require new alliances to overcome a common threat. The Iranian Crisis has one goal, that being to keep the Iranians out of the Nuclear Terrorist Club. The best interests of China and Russia would be served by joining America to deal with the Iranians. Israel will be blamed, regardless, and will suffer as a result. However, the burden must not fall on the severely stressed Israelis.

America, Russia, China; an old alliance from the WWII era will have to coalesce yet again to save the world. America should not bear the burden alone.

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