Imposition 2012: Perry-Bachmann Overdrive

   In her speech bowing out of the race, Mrs. Bachmann thanked her husband for buying sunglasses for their dachshound while they were campaigning the last day of the Iowa caucus. This rivals Herman Cain's closing quote from the Pokemon movie as he groped his way out of the race.

   This is a bit odd even for the American political scene.

   I think some of these people get into the campaign to get a book deal, to get on the lecture circuit, to get some attention, to get their brand out there. One day they find themselves as front runners, for some reason or other, like a sprinter in a marathon. Forced to put on a message beyond their first well crafted sound bites they soon fade in popularity, though the still have the book deals and the lecture circuit.

   As inept as Governor Perry has proven to be on the stump you must still give him credit for staying in the race, reading the other fellow's book and trying to come to something in himself. He may end up as the GOP running mate for which ever of the other dwarfs takes the nomination. Or, he may get a high federal appointment if the GOP can win in November. He would bring a lot of money and contacts to the ticket. If someone in front of him stumbles badly he could still grab the spotlight. George W. Bush is proof one need not be a clever speaker to win the top spot. 

   For those still running seriously right now, Romney and Santorum head to New Hampshire and South Carolina. Romney takes with him his  Super-PAC, which effectively destroyed Newt Gingrich in Iowa. Newt may have changed over the years since he destroyed Jim Wright but, for us old timers, it is somewhat sad to hear Newt Gingrich complaining someone else is too rough.

   We are now about two months from Super Tuesday. If Romney cannot eliminate Santorum, Palin, Paul and Perry by the end of Super Tuesday, he will face a power in the White House he cannot possibly defeat. Mr. Romney needs a clear field ahead of him to attack Mr. Obama. He cannot have any more odd ball pronouncements at debates, or Newt calling him a liar. He must not spend his stump speech quoting American patriotic hymns from the 19th century. This is getting silly, when it ought to be getting serious. 

   President Obama is no scintillating speaker himself. He does have a similar Super-PAC, Air Force One and the power of incumbency. If the economy budges upward a bit in the first half of 1012, it will not matter how many times Mrs. Obama sends a jet to pick up their dog. People vote their pocketbooks in America. We are an economic Democracy, not just a representative Democracy. Since FDR the US federal government has had more to do with economics than Wall Street. This fact will not change soon.


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