Imposition 2012-South Carolina, Minus Huntsman

   Jon Huntsman moved to New Hampshire to take on Mitt Romney. There he said Romney was too much of a" waffler" and had" electability" issues. He crowed about finishing third and called it "a ticket to ride."

   Apparently, forty year old rock lyrics notwithstanding, Mr. Huntsman decided third place was a ticket to ride home. He dropped out of the race and threw his endorsement to the "unelectable" Mr. Romney. 

   Thus, the crowded field of GOP candidates is now down by one more. Rick Perry, who was shorn of his Christian Right support at a meeting on a private ranch near Brenham, Texas, now believes the voters in South Carolina will turn to him because of his economic message, rather than his evangelical credentials. Rick Santorum now has the support of the Christian Right leaders who met on Judge Pressler's ranch last weekend.

   Apparently, your name has to be Rick to get their attention. I wonder why I was passed over so quickly. I had the name Rick before any of those fellows and I have better evangelical credentials.

   One wonders.

   Moving on, look for Newton Leroy Gringrich to be the Grinch who stole the fun until Super Tuesday. Mitt Romney should have the nomination sewn up by then and be on his way to a solid second place finish in the general election in the autumn. Mr. Paul or Mr. Santorum will probably not end up running on a Third Party ticket but someone will carrry the conservative banner and siphon off enough votes to put Mr. Obama back in the White House until 2016.

   If one of the losing GOP candidates decides to run a Third Party campaign, look for it to be Mr. Paul, who may think he does not have time to wait for the nomination to come around to him. No, he is not afraid of the Mayan calendar. He is just 76, that's all, and these things do not come around every year or so.

   Mr. Trump or Mrs. Palin might yet be summoned to the forefront by voters who want a true conservative. Mr. Trump has more baggage than the UPS. Mrs. Palin seems to enjoy her status as rock star of the GOP and not vote-getter. She is a better speaker than she was four years ago. She does not look in the camera and wink now but she also cannot look forward to sitting down with Katie Couric again. 

   On the other hand, Mrs. Palin's candidacy would give Tina Fey something to do after NBC drops "30 Rock."

     While we are taling about it, consider the upcoming 2016 presidential election. What will the top of the tickets look like in 2016? Here is something not at all out of the realm of possibility.Sarah Palin vs. Hillary Clinton in 2016. Mr. Obama unable to run again, Mr. Biden would be, well, Mr. Biden, and the rest of the democratic field would consist of…of…oh, my. Four more years of Democratic rule, Mr. Romney having lost, Mr. Santorum still being unelectable and then what? Mr. Paul at 80? Mr. Perry?

   Get your bumper stickers ready. Palin vs. Clinton in 2016. 

   You read it here first.


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